So, if you’re reading this blog post you’ve probably been entertaining the idea of becoming a Virtual Assistant?

I get it. The thought of being your own boss is very tempting.

Just think, having the flexibility to work as many hours as you need (or want). And you can easily fit the work around your commitments – whether that’s being at home to walk the dog at lunchtime or knowing that when the kids drop the, “Its our class assembly tomorrow morning mum – you are coming aren’t you?!” bombshell, you’ll be able to say yes.

No more sitting through projects you hate with a fixed smile on your face – and best of all – no more commute (unless you count walking from the kettle to the spare room…).

It all sounds great. So what’s stopping you?

Are you holding back because you’re just not sure whether being a VA is the right fit for you? Well may be I can help.

Here are my thoughts on what makes a great VA.

  1. Having the right attitude

Let’s face it, a great Virtual Assistant has to be a master of many talents. But wait, before you panic about your own skill set and business experience, what really counts here is having the right attitude to the job at hand. Every VA needs a ‘can-do’ attitude – whether that’s offering to learn a new piece of software or simply finding a solution to a client’s problem. Being able to roll up yours sleeves and get stuck in is far more important than knowing the ins and outs of economics.

  1. Tenacity and resilience

Yes, ok, this one is actually two traits – but they work perfectly together. Running a business can be hard. There will definitely be a few knock backs as you start to build up your clients, so having the resilience to understand that it isn’t personal if a potential target says no, and the tenacity to keeping trying is essential. Even if, despite the odd failure, you have the drive to succeed and move your business forward, you’re bound to be a success.

  1. Being organised

This may sound a bit silly – especially if you already run a busy home – but being organised is a vital skill when it comes to Virtual Assistant services. Being able to manage multiple tasks, for multiple clients, all to agreed deadlines is really important. So, if you’re a secret spreadsheet queen or king of the ‘to-do’ list then running a Virtual Assistant business will be absolutely perfect for you!


If this sounds just like you and you’d like to find out more then head over to today!