We’ll always strive to make you happy but if you have a complaint, this is how to tell us about it…

The My VA Business Complaints Policy


It’s important to My VA Business that we listen to our clients and deal promptly with any issues and complaints. We always strive to offer a great service but if something does go wrong, please let us know straight away so that we can help to put it right.


How to make your complaint


In the first instance, if you feel comfortable to do so and your package includes support, you can raise any concerns with the My VA support team member who you’re in touch with.

Any formal complaints will be relayed by your support team member to the Director on the same day, or next working day, to record and investigate further.

If you don’t feel able to speak with your support team member, your package does not include a support option or you’d rather contact the Director in the first instance, you can contact them at sarah@myvabusiness.co.uk or you can write to My VA Business, 207 Knutsford Road, Grappenhall, Cheshire, WA4 2QL.

Please include as much detail as possible to enable us to investigate promptly.


What happens next


On receipt of your complaint:


  1. The Director will record your complaint and send you an acknowledgement email, usually within 3 working days.
  1. The Director will then investigate your complaint – this will usually involve discussing the complaint with the relevant team member/s, looking at any previous correspondence and reviewing your file.
  1. The Director will then email you directly including their findings and suggestions about how to resolve your complaint. This will usually be within 15 working days of receipt of your complaint.
  1. If you are happy that the complaint has been resolved at this stage, we will record the complaint as closed. However, if you are still not happy with our solution, you should contact us again explaining why and giving any further evidence to support your complaint within 15 working days and the Director of My VA Business will review the initial response you’ve received.
  1. The Director will email you with their final decision, explaining the reasons for this, within 10 working days of receiving your request to review the complaint.
  1. Please note that bills should still be paid during this process – My VA Business may charge interest on any non-payment or part non-payment of bills for services already provided.
  1. Any timescales mentioned above will be adhered to where possible – in the event of any changes, we will contact you to explain why the process has been delayed.
  1. If your package includes our Money Back Guarantee and you’d like to initiate this process, please see the T&Cs of your package for more details on how to do so.