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Starting your own VA business can be scary


Having the right mix of skills to become a VA isn’t enough. To build a good VA business, you have to be able to make decisions. And to make and act upon those decisions you need to be confident. I know through my years of mentoring that many people struggle with confidence because starting your own VA business feels like a leap into the unknown. Having the direction of a business coach can be the difference between the success or failure of a business. To me, having a business coach isn’t a luxury… it’s essential. However most people starting up don’t have the budget for a personal business coach, so we’ve created a solution.

Enter my Business Coaches, Anna & Michelle


You & Your Confidence

Starting anything new takes a bit of confidence. Without confidence you’re likely to make the wrong decisions or worse still, no decisions. My own experience of running a Virtual Assistant business along with years of mentoring new VAs has shown how important confidence is to fast track you to success. The Boost Programme has been specially made to support Virtual Assistants. 

Expert Business Coaches

Anna and Michelle are renowned Business Coaches. They’ve coached me for years and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. When I asked them to build a complete video confidence course to catapult VAs to success, they developed The Boost Programme. My close relationship with Anna & Michelle means I can offer this programme to you at a great price.

A Dedicated Online Confidence Course Specifically for Virtual Assistants

Let me tell you why I’m able to offer this to you at such a great price…

I’ve had the benefit of Anna and Michelle’s coaching which has given me the confidence to drive multiple businesses forward to success over the last decade. A large part of what I have achieved is down to their support.

It’s because of my relationship with Anna & Michelle that I am able to offer you this programme at a fraction of the normal cost.

Each video module and exercise has been tailored specifically for Virtual Assistants to make sure you have practical, implementable support to apply within your VA business. In fact, The Boost Programme covers the same areas that Anna and Michelle covered with me during 1:1 coaching.

Sarah x



The Boost Programme is accessed via our online learning platform

Full Video Support

Step by Step


Supporting Workbooks

Here’s what a couple of our members said about the Boost Programme…

Increased Self Esteem

The ‘Boost Programme’ gave me a completely new sense of self-esteem and confidence in my ability to do this.


Virtual Assistant

Really Helpful

My VA Hub literally answers everything, all of the answers are in there… the ‘Boost’ videos are really helpful.


Virtual Assistant

Here’s what’s included…

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the amazing business advice and support of Anna & Michelle

I know how it feels to leave the corporate world

Starting out as a VA I had huge concerns. Can I do it? Have I got the skills? Can I really run my own business? Will I end up back to the corporate world with my tail between my legs? Sounding familiar?

Up to then, I’d always had a regular salary and although it nearly broke me earning it every month, leaving was really going to take me outside of my comfort zone. I didn’t feel I had the confidence to do that on my own.

My own personal Business Coaches

For many years now I’ve been coached by professional coaches Michelle and Anna. They’ve helped me achieve things I never thought possible. Especially given the lack of confidence I’d felt in the early days.

I’m not a naturally confident person. I’ve had to work at it and I still work at it.

Benefit from Anna and Michelle’s Coaching

I can’t bear to see someone who would clearly make an amazing VA, being held back from their dream through lack of confidence. So I asked Anna and Michelle to create something that would solve this problem – and they really came up trumps.

The Boost Programme is a full video guided confidence course to support the success of your VA journey.

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We’re ready to help you boost your confidence if you are…

Once you’ve clicked to buy the package, you’ll get instant access to our learning platform ‘The Hub’. Once in there, you can get started straight away or take as long as you need. The Video modules and written exercises are all in chronological order so you can work through them at your own pace. What’s more you can revisit the programme as often as you need to help you through any challenging periods or just to offer a refresher of what you’ve learnt.

Whilst you can complete the Boost Confidence Programme in just 21 days, there’s no rush and you can take as long as you need. Once you’ve completed the course your access will remain live for at least 12 months to allow you to go back and review or rewatch as you like.

Meet Eddie, my Dad.
He was a real character and my inspiration. 4 months after his brain tumour diagnosis he lost the fight.
We donate a percentage of our profits to The Brain Tumour Charity, a cause close to my heart. You get to be your own boss, I get to help you, and together we support a great charity – it’s a No Brainer!