Client Legal Agreement for Virtual Assistants 

Helping you to protect your VA business

If there’s one thing you should take on board about running a Virtual Assistant business, it’s that leaving yourself open to legal issues is all too easy if you don’t have the right documents in place.

Our Advice

If you’re fairly new to business, it can feel a bit awkward asking people to sign legal contracts, especially when they seem so friendly and reasonable. After all what could go wrong?

Where do we start? Our best advice is to never start any work without having a signed contract in place.

Protection is key

It’s amazing how many people prey on small business owners, taking advantage of the fact that they won’t have the knowledge or funds to pursue them for non-payment.

With no contract in place, it really is hard to recover any money owed and do you want to do all that hard work for free?

And don’t forget to set out your terms…

Setting out your terms is key. If you don’t set out your turnaround times and hours of working, you can end up in a nightmare situation with a demanding client hounding you 24/7 and making your life a misery. Worse still, they could be ruining your business reputation by telling others you haven’t delivered what you agreed. Having the details in writing is a sure fire way to avoid this type of situation developing.

This isn’t an ‘off the shelf’ template

At My VA Business, we’ve worked in conjunction with a solicitor to make sure that our documents cover every eventuality, from non-payment to GDPR*.

With 15 years day-to-day experience of running my own Virtual Assistant business and then mentoring new VAs, I’ve come across most situations (and even been stung by a few).

Unlike an off the shelf agreement, I’ve used my experiences and the guidance of a solicitor to shape and perfect this document to what it is today.

I trust it to protect me and it’s the one I use with clients in my Virtual Assistant business too.


*Now just a quick note that My VA Business can’t be held liable for any unforeseen issues resulting from the use of these documents. However, Sarah uses them in her own VA business so we’re happy you’re getting a great product and all her years of VA experience – something other document companies just can’t offer.
Here’s how it works…

This customisable Client Legal Agreement Template is just £89

Once you’ve paid, you can simply download your template ready to brand and customise for your own business.

You’ll also get clear instructions on how to use the document.

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