Is my FAB-VA Programme for you?

Well let’s explore that quickly and see if it’s something you’d love to do. 

Who would benefit from my FAB-VA Programme?

Well I’ll give you a couple of examples of the types of people who would find the FAB-VA programme ideal for them. But rest assured… VAs come from all walks of life with a diverse range of experience.

  • You could be a mum (or a dad!), wanting flexible home working and wanting to be in control of your working life.
  • Perhaps you’re an EA or PA looking choose to the work that you do and not have a boss to answer to.
  • Maybe you’re currently on MAT leave, dreading that return to work, and looking for a fulfilling career that fits around your baby.
  • Perhaps you have a chronic back condition or another limitation making it tricky to have a conventional office job.

Whatever your situation, my programme will show you how to use your transferable skills to provide the services that are in demand right now in the VA industry.

How does the FAB-VA Programme work?

The FAB-VA programme is an easy to follow, step by step guide to setting up your own VA Business. With written modules and video guidance, you can work at your own pace through every step you need to set up a successful business.

So, my new FAB-VA programme includes three stages:

Foundation (the ‘F in FAB):

The building blocks for your new VA business. Every element has been thought through to make sure nothing is missed. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step guide set out within the modules to build it from scratch. No previous business experience required. 

Achieve Confidence (the ‘A’ in FAB):

You’re likely to be stepping into the unknown and I know from experience that your confidence may take a hit. So with the FAB-VA programme, I’ve included a exclusive section to give you a boost. This confidence mini-course is video based and designed by my very own business coaches Anna and Michelle who are experts in guiding VAs to success.

Build (the ‘B’ in FAB):

Getting clients is all about knowing who to target, where to find them and how to communicate with them. There are a number of possible ways to do this and after 15 years of honing, I’ve got it nailed. I share my experience to accelerate you to success, making sure you don’t waste time and money targeting the wrong clients. 

For more details on the content in each step, visit our page here. 

Why should you choose My VA Business and the FAB-VA programme?

I’ve been in your shoes, setting up my Virtual Assistant business which I still run now successfully (and have been for the last 14 years).  I know first-hand what the current issues are (do check this out if you’re looking elsewhere too – you’ll be amazed how many ‘experts’ don’t even run a VA business).

I get it. I know what support works and I’ve designed the FAB-VA programme to help you avoid all the costly mistakes I made when I was starting out. My programme is like a road map – helping you follow the right steps and ensuring you cover everything you need to put in place to make your business a success.

What’s the Investment?

Click here for the latest details and prices on our FAB-VA programme.

How do I get started?

You’ll find all of the details here.