I’m guessing, you’re probably still in a little bit of shock after the PM address last night. I actually feel like I’m having an out of body experience right now – is this really happening? Am I going to wake up soon?

Day 1 of ‘Lockdown’ and I’ve realised and accepted… IT IS REAL.

Today (Day 1) hasn’t been without it’s challenges… but after having had the chance to sit down and reflect on how lucky I am right now in this moment that all my family are safe… I managed to see the funny side, which I thought I’d share with you. I suspect I’m not the only one to have had a day like this. 

As you know, I work from home (specifically from the breakfast bar in the kitchen) and love it. 

But home working today was different. 


My normal oasis of tranquillity was well and truly blown to smithereens. 

Ed (my husband who normally works in the office for a large banking group) – now working from home – I’ve discovered only has one volume. 


I’m sure his typing is even louder than his voice. Don’t even get me started on the crisp munching. 

Then there’s Kate (my daughter who’s due to be taking her GSCSEs) – still uncontrollably giddy from the announcement that she won’t be sitting her exams. She’s spent half the day wandering around singing with my Airpods in (I wondered where they’d gone for my conference call), before a brief interlude of bouncing a football at the French doors whilst I was on a client call.  

And then, whilst fully concentrating on wording an important email for my clients about Coronovirus, I’m interrupted by… 

Kate: Can I apply for a job in Aldi? They’re advertising.

Me: No.

Kate: Why?

Me: Lockdown. We’ve been through this.

Kate: What about Asda then?

Me: No, same problem.

Kate: Sainsburys? 

[Proceeds to list all the food retailers in Chester].

Me: No! I’m on a work call, please can you close the door after you.

Kate: Muuuuuummmmm. Pleeeeeeeeeeaaasseeee. You’re SSSOOOOOOO mean.

[Door slams].

And there’s Dan (a couple of years younger than Kate). We don’t really see him often – he appears only when he smells food or when he comes foraging for it. When I enter his bedroom a standard process happens, it goes something like this:

Me: Hi Dan

Dan: [urgent ‘mute’ of the Xbox controller, followed by a grunt] 

Me: Please can you [empty the dishwasher/bring your washing down/etc]

Dan: After this game

Me: How long will that be?

Dan: 5 minutes

Yeah, course it will.

Dan’s supposed to be studying from home. Because of space and noise logistics, he’s doing that from the desk in his bedroom which I’m acutely aware is also where his Xbox lives… I can only imagine how little study is actually getting done. 

And there’s my adorable Ted (the dog). We share the odd cuddle throughout the day and enjoy our peaceful surroundings. But not today. Nope. Today I was making a key decision on a Zoom (video) call whilst out of the corner of my eye watching Ted excitably bouncing up and down on the trampoline with Kate – barking incessantly. 

[And breathe].

All was forgotten when the Tesco delivery arrived that I’d ordered 18 days ago (when you could still get a slot) and completely forgotten about. It included two of the best things EVER… a whole chicken and a pack of toilet rolls!


If it wasn’t for the 2 meter rule I’d have kissed that delivery driver.

We all sat down in relatively high spirits, considering the circumstances, and had a

roast chicken dinner and some family time.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not The Waltons and if this lot were at home permanently, I’d be the one looking for a job in the local supermarket.

So there it is… Day 1 of lockdown in the Rugg household. 

I’ve decided I can’t be Superwoman, so I’ve given myself permission to just go with the flow, at this extraordinary time and not beat myself up for not being the perfect mother. I hope you do the same. 

Good luck and stay safe.

Sarah x