I understand that people fear the unknown. Going it alone might provide amazing flexibility and freedom, but you may be thinking…

Can I do it?

Do I have the skills?

I know these are very real fears because I was thinking them 14 years ago when I started.

Since then I’ve coached and mentored so many mums (and a few dads!) situated throughout the UK.

During this time, I’ve identified 5 common concerns that are stopping prospective VAs from taking the leap to happiness, flexibility and fulfilment.

Do any of these resonate with you?

No.1: Confidence

Will I be able to run my own business? Do I have it in me? How will I know what to do? What if I miss something?

Don’t worry I’ve got this covered. I’ve been there so I understand how challenging it can be.  More importantly I know exactly what you need to do. I’ll guide you through it, step-by-step, week-by-week, in a safe environment, sharing your experience with others at the same stage as you. Alongside this we have an amazing confidence boost course, written for you by Michelle and Anna, my own business coaches who have helped me to get where I am today.

No.2: Income security

Will I make enough money to replace my existing salary and have a good lifestyle? How much can I expect to earn?

You’re right to consider this. I’m not going to a promise you a 6 figure income in 12 months, as quite frankly I’d be fibbing. I work transparently and keep expectations at a realistic level. The amount you earn is representative to the number of hours you are looking to work and the amount of effort you are willing to put in. The average VA hourly rate is £25 and in my programme I show you how to create a regular and predictable income as a VA.

No.3: Getting Clients

How and where will I find clients? How do I make sure they’re the type of clients I want to work with? How soon will I get my first client? How many clients will I need?

Most VA clients don’t fall at your feet. There’s a science behind finding them because not every business owner will use a VA; you need to know exactly where to look. With my 14 years of experience of this I will tell you the right people to target – and how – so you can avoid the many costly mistakes and pitfalls that I made in the early days.

No.4: Set-up costs

What equipment do I need to start a VA business? How much will it cost to set up? What are the ongoing costs?

The good news is you’ve probably already got the equipment that you need to set up a VA business. How much you spend on professional support (such as coaching and mentoring) will determine whether you succeed and how quickly… Plus, investing in help from someone who has done it (and is still doing it), you’ll spend less in the long run. It’s false economy to do it on a shoe-string and it leaves you wide open.

The ongoing costs are minimal and include insurance and data protection. Don’t worry, I explain all this in my programme.

No.5: Can’t decide what services to offer

What services do I have to offer as a VA? Some VAs offer a huge number of services, which makes me feel inadequate! Will I lose clients by not offering certain services?

There’s no point taking that massive step of quitting your job and becoming a VA, to only end up doing tasks you don’t enjoy. As part of my programme, I work with you to identify which skills you can use in your VA business (and I strongly encourage you to only offer the services that you enjoy delivering). Some of our members have even managed to incorporate their hobbies and passions into the services they offer as a VA.

So that’s it. The top 5 worries I hear constantly.  And I talk to a LOT of people thinking of setting up as a VA! Maybe you have all of these concerns. Or perhaps just a couple of them.

If you have any questions, no matter how small, feel free to book a call in my online diary for a chat.  https://calendly.com/sarahrugg/30min