Wouldn't it be great to choose when you worked?

Have complete control over what kind of work you did and be able to work from anywhere – even the kitchen table if you wanted to? Sounds good doesn’t it?

Well, here’s a little secret… Flexible hours and doing work that you love is totally possible. All you need is My VA Business – your own Virtual Assistant Business in a box. Packages tailored completely to your needs and ready to go when you are – from only £1995.

And we’ll let Sarah tell you why.

When I launched My VA Business, its sole purpose was to give you the knowledge, tools and support needed to set up your own successful business as a Virtual Assistant. And at first, I developed one comprehensive VA Business in a box.

It was a fantastic package, but I started to realise that not everyone approached the pack in the same way. Some people already knew how to get their clients, some were confident dealing with the legal and financial stuff, and others already had their own website or ideas on branding.

On the flip side though, there were those who appreciated some extra mentoring from me, who really liked the step-by-step approach to setting up their business and benefitted from more support from the team.

So, I went back to the drawing board.

And the result was a range of packages that cover all the bases. I truly believe these THREE options are the best range of business packages for VAs anywhere. And even better, they start from only £1995!

A great first step would be to book a call with Rob here www.calendly.com/rob-myvabiz. Rob’s my right hand man and we work really closely together. More importantly, he knows these packages inside out, so he’ll be able to answer any questions you may have and then if you’d like a chat with me, Rob can book that in my diary for you.

And don’t worry, there’s no hard sell – the call is simply a chance for you to suss us out and for us to learn more about you. If you think My VA Business isn’t what you’re after then that’s fine. Likewise, if we think now isn’t the right time for you to set up as a VA, we’ll let you know. We want any relationship we build to be a great fit for everyone because that way we are all more likely to succeed!

Take a look below at what’s included in each of our great value packages and see which one best suits your needs. After all, no one knows you like you do!

So, what’s in the box?

Here’s a summary of what’s included in each package!

The Accelerate Pack

Designed for those on a budget or those who already have experience working as a PA or EA, the accelerate pack is ideal for this who just want help setting up their own business. I’ve found that a common problem a lot of people have when they start a business is that they don’t know what they don’t know, or they’re worried about contacting HMRC or setting up their books. Well, my business start-up programme takes away all the fear and worry and even includes my Timesaver Toolkit and a call with my personal Chartered Accountant. And here’s the best bit….if you are one of the first 10 people to sign up I’ll give you my Client Legal Agreement as a bonus (Value £250) for free.

Package features

Business Start-up Programme

This is our comprehensive training programme and roadmap with daily activities covering all the essential requirements (legal, accounting, tax, company set-up etc.) and questions we know people have.

The whole thing has been designed specifically so it’s a step-by-step process you can ‘pick up and put down’ and make progress as and when you have the time and energy and around a current job or other commitment. It’s really that flexible.

Business Accounting Tools

We’ll give you an easy to use spreadsheet package to keep your books and record all your income and expenses. This will provide all the information you need to comply with HMRC requirements. It also comes with an, easy to use budgeting and cash flow package so you can work out your how much you can earn, your costs and overheads and your cash flow.

Chartered Accountant Advice & Guidance Call

Don’t worry, we go into detail about how to set up your company and what’s required when it comes to your business accounts, paying tax and getting paid.

But everyone has their own unique circumstances and with this call with our Chartered Accountant – my business partner, Noel, who has many years of experience advising small business owners (like you will be!) – you can get tailored advice specifically for you.

Sarah’s Timesaver Toolkit

Over the years I’ve created an array of time-saving software – through vigorous testing, and lots of trial and error – and I’ve called it my Tool Kit.  These recommendations will fast track you to the best software and cut out the time and pain of doing the research yourself.

Client Legal Agreement for Your Protection (Usual Price £250)

A lot of people are put off starting their VA business because they’re concerned about contracts and agreements. But with this document, professionally drafted by a solicitor, specifically for a VA business, you don’t need to be.

Unlimited Mentor Sessions with Sarah or Noel (for 3 months)

Mentor sessions with Me or my business partner Noel  – He’s fab for ideas too as well as any Financial support being a Chartered Accountant.. there’s not much he hasn’t seen before. This is a great opportunity to pick our brains or run ideas past us for guidance. These are your sessions and we are really happy for you to tell us how you’d like to use them.

Build Your VA Business Marketing Programme (Usual Price £750)

You’ll discover exactly how to get clients… as well as the marketing dead-ends to avoid that will just eat up your time and money (believe me, I’ve been there!).

Based around our 5 step process that will enable you to quickly position yourself as an authority on managing the admin of a small business, delegation and outsourcing. This will help you to connect with your ideal prospects, leading them through processes that will generate leads and incoming telephone appointments that just need to be followed up.

Like the Business Start-up ‘Foundation’ part of the programme, the training is a step-by-step roadmap of activities that are very easy to follow.

Here are some of the elements included:

How to find clients

  • Know your business numbers
  • Dealing with difficult clients
  • Facebook advertising
  • Building your list
  • Autoresponders
  • Lead Magnets & Landing pages
  • Building your business in just 20 mins per day
  • PR

Confidence Boost Programme (Usual Price £450)

So we know that confidence is really important in business. It can impact so many areas of your business… Put simply.. It can make the difference between picking up the phone to a potential client who’s interested in your service and bringing them on board… or not!

The Boost program has over 10 detailed video modules designed to complement your Business Start-up Programme, the Boost Programme includes lots of practical exercises, a series of tools & techniques that will help you to understand yourself better, and overcome the challenges of setting up and running a business.

This course has been put together by two fantastic performance coaches who coach people to success in both their business and personal lives- they have extensive experience of working with small businesses and recognise and feel passionate about the issues facing working parents.

26 Auto-Responders

So these are really great… We’ve taken the time, effort and potential loss of customers from you by designing this series of emails which are set up for you to tweak with your own info and branding but have been tried and tested to ensure they are great ways to communicate with your customers / potential customers – This might not sound like a big deal but having the right tone.. knowing what to say in an email and sounding professional is so important when speaking to potential clients!

Used along with your customer management software such as Mailchimp / Aweber or Active Campaign… these really will help to build relationships even before these prospective clients become your clients.

It’s great news that you want to take control of your future, and it’s always nice to talk it through with somebody who has been in that position previously. Let’s therefore have a chat to talk through the details & timescales.

The Fast Track Pack

Need more help to get started but still on a budget? Then my Fast Track pack is for you. It includes everything in the accelerate pack plus eleven important additions, the details of which are listed below. One of the questions I am asked repeatedly – in fact the question I am asked most often – is ‘How do I get clients?’ This was my biggest worry when I started out and believe me I got it very wrong and wasted a lot on money in the process! I really want you to avoid the mistakes I made so we’ve specifically designed the Build your Business Programme to show you how to get clients without having to ‘sell’. Yes, that’s right. Whilst most sales programmes teach you how to become a salesperson, that’s not for everyone, in fact, it’s often the bit they hate!

In the Build your Business Programme I’ll show you how to position yourself so you’ll have clients coming to you. The Fast Track pack also includes 20 hours of expert support from my VA team and as a bonus, if you are one of the first 10 people to sign up, I’ll also give you my Client Legal Agreement as a bonus (Value £250) for free.

Package features

Fast Track Package Benefits Include all of Accelerate Benefits Plus:

Your Own Website (Usual Price £500)

We have a fabulous relationship with the design company we use… They’ve built many VA websites now and they know what works….Includes a full guide of how to manage, maintain and update your website… simple step by step guidance.

Business Logo & Branding (Usual Price £275)

A professionally designed business logo and branding created by our graphic designer, with your input, so all your communications impress. This includes correctly sized images for your social media pages and if you’ve ever tried to do that yourself you’ll know what a hassle it can be.

Business Card & Flyer Design Package (Usual Price £200)

Business Card & Flyer Design – it’s about making the right impression with design.. and if you have the Logo, the website and your business card and flyers designed by the same company.. it really helps you to stay in control of consistent branding and give the best impression to potential customers.

Expert Support from our VA Team (20 Hours)

You’ll get 20 hours of VA support – yes, my team at Viva are on hand to help you as you work through the Business Start-up Programme. No question is too small and we are there to hold your hand, all the way. This isn’t one of those products you buy online and never hear from the seller again. And, by getting a taste of what it’s like to be a client, you’ll be able to model exactly how a successful VA business operates in the real world.

Social Media Set-up (Usual Price £250)

We’ll also set up your social media pages for you to give you a professional-looking online presence, and a way to market your business through social media.

Money Back Guarantee

Your investment in this programme is GUARANTEED – A ‘No Fail’ Guarantee!

Everything in this programme has been designed to get you results IF you follow the simple steps in good faith, and you feel it’s just not working for you at that point, you and I will get on the phone and figure out how to make it work. If you follow my advice, and it still doesn’t work, well I don’t think it’s right that I get paid if you don’t succeed so I’ll give you your money back, in full and wish you well… and you can do that at any time. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO RISK TO YOU.

Defining Your Client Services

Helping you to look at your skills and strengths… Including defining your USP.

Your Own Internal Business Processes

Creating business processes gives consistency for your clients and saves you a lot of time and energy and lost income… Remember your time is money!

How To Build Relationships Fast

A complete guide to creating solid relationships with your dream clients via email.

Full Step by Step Launch Schedule

All of the tasks you need to fully set up and launch your business broken down sequentially in an easy to follow guide – designed to keep you focused, on track and more importantly to ensure you don’t miss any of those really important aspects that can make a real tangible difference to your success.

Unlimited Mentor Sessions with Sarah or Noel (for 6 months)

6 Mentor sessions with Me or my business partner Noel  – He’s fab for ideas too as well as any Financial support being a Chartered Accountant.. there’s not much he hasn’t seen before. This is a great opportunity to pick our brains or run ideas past us for guidance. These are your sessions and we are really happy for you to tell us how you’d like to use them.

This is our most popular package! If you’re interested please arrange a call.

You’re making a sensible choice with the Fast Track package, and it’s always nice make sure it is the right one dealing with somebody who has been in that position previously. Let’s therefore have a chat to talk through the details & timescales.

The Thrive Pack

Starting your own business is probably one of the most exciting, fun and challenging things you’ll do….but it takes perseverance and sometimes you just need a bit more help. Our great value gold pack comes with everything you need to set up and run your VA business and get clients but in addition, you’ll also get the help and support you’ll need to get off to a flying start and keep going.

When you start a new VA business one of the most common concerns is will you be able to promote your business and market it to a wider target audience of new prospective customers. Our Thrive pack solves this problem by giving you expert support and assistance for three months, where our colleagues bring an experienced focus to your activity in acquiring profitable new customers.

Package features

Thrive Package Benefits Include all of Fast Track Benefits Plus:

Marketing Support For Your First 3 Months Including:

  • Social Media
  • LinkedIn
  • Email Marketing

Unlimited Mentor Sessions with Sarah or Noel (for 9 months)

Mentor sessions with Me or my business partner Noel  – He’s fab for ideas too as well as any Financial support being a Chartered Accountant.. there’s not much he hasn’t seen before. This is a great opportunity to pick our brains or run ideas past us for guidance. These are your sessions and we are really happy for you to tell us how you’d like to use them.

We’re really pleased that you recognise the value of even greater support ahead in establishing your VA business,  so may we suggest that we arrange a convenient time soon to talk it through with somebody who has been in that position previously. Let’s therefore have a chat to talk through the details & timescales.

The Monthly Fee Pack

Package features

Exclusive Territory

You can choose an available territory in the ok (most people pick one local to themselves).

Within any given territory, we know there are at least 3,000 small businesses, a  really prime sized business to target for your Virtual Assistant business.

You’ve already seen that it doesn’t take a lot of clients to make this work, so out of those 3,000 small businesses in your territory, I’m very confident in saying you can easily find all the clients you need.

Monthly Value Learning Pack (Business Growth Advice)

Every month, we provide some brand new tools or resources, to help you win more clients or grow your business. For example: recently our ‘Monthly Learning Pack’ was 5 pre-written email templates to use in your marketing.

Private VA Facebook Group Access

Support from me and other VAs in our private Facebook Community a fantastic place to get tips, information and recommendations from other VA business owners.

Moral support, and a sense of community.

Website Hosting and Website Backup

To pay the costs of keeping your website online and help to ensure that it is not lost if anything untoward happens to our site and can be recovered by the IT experts.

There is nothing better than a friendly chat with me Sarah so that I can fully explain the value in this program.

With each of our packages we are willing to discuss possible payment options and don’t forget our partnership with Biz Britain means that we’ll help you apply for a Government Start-up Loan (T&Cs apply). Our success is only guaranteed by our working closely with the right candidate with the right support. 

Therefore if you have any questions, or you’d like to discuss any of our packages, please book a call with us at www.calendly.com/rob-myvabiz.


Your questions answered

If I buy a lower package – can I upgrade at any time?
Yes, you can either upgrade by paying the difference between the package you are on and the upgraded version you’d like or you can invest in the additional resources as you need them.
Over what period can I use my included VA support Hours?
All your hours must be taken within 6 months of your joining date.
How are the Mentor sessions with Sarah or Noel delivered and how long do I have to use them?
The Mentor sessions with Sarah or Noel are delivered either by phone or over the internet. You can use them any time in the first six months of your membership.
Are there any options to spread the payment options over a longer period?
​No, we have been as generous as we can with payment terms but if you want to spread the investment over a longer period we can help you apply for a Government Start-up Loan.
How does the money back guarantee work?
The terms of the money back guarantee differ for each package. In summary, if you are having
problems attracting clients and you have followed all our suggested process and documented this, we will give you a full refund.
What do my business accounting tools include?
The tools include a spreadsheet to keep your books plus budgeting and cash flow forecasting
software to help you keep track of your numbers.
What does the confidence boost program include?
The Confidence Boost programme addresses one of the main issues we’ve found with people
when they’re setting up a VA business – a lack of confidence. Michelle and Anna will show
you how to examine your values and beliefs before helping you to look at things in a different way and overcome the negative thoughts that are holding you back. Soon you’ll be ready to achieve everything you’re capable of.

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