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Testimonial – Annabel

On starting out:

I have been on hold up until now because I have been so overwhelmed with everything that is out there, I just didn’t know where to start. I have only scratched the surface at what I have looked at in the ‘box’, but it’s been worth every penny already. I also get a sense that I belong to a community, your team have been great, and I can’t wait to get started.

Now she’s established:

Honestly the best money you will ever spend …this has changed my life. I’m now able to work from home on a much better salary than before and fit it around the children – Sarah Rugg, is one of life’s inspirational people! Annabel

VA, (One of our first members)

Testimonial – Katrin

On feeling prepared for success:

I was dubious at first when I came across Vi-Va and the business in a box, but I can honestly say that I have been massively impressed with all aspects of the package so far. The 21-day foundation stage is easily doable within the timeframe and the amount of support not just from Sarah but also from Noel and the website team has been incredibly helpful.

My feelings as I am reaching the end of the setup phase are that I would never have been as prepared starting up my own business as I feel right now and I love the logos and headers that have been created for me. I feel I now have the best possible chance of making my new business a success. Katrin


Testimonial – Rachael

On the resources

All of the scary parts of setting up my own VA business have been taken care of; the legal templates, terms and conditions and guidance with regards to insurance policies have been so useful. The brand and logo designing service is great, having all of the images resized and clearly labelled so that you can easily upload them to whichever site you need to is really helpful and saves so much time.

On the support

Sarah has given a lot of her time answering queries and never makes you feel like anything you ask is silly or pointless. The whole team at My VA Business are very enthusiastic which helps to boost your confidence when you come up with suggestions or ideas.

On the value for money

I think the package has been great value for money, after all, it is very difficult to put a price on the advice of someone who has been through the exact same situation as you are in and successfully come out of the other side and I would recommend My VA Business to others looking to set up their own Virtual Assistant business. Rachael


Video Testimonial – Clare


On the cause closest to our heart

Working with My VA Business really is a no brainer – great support to get started and I love that you’re supporting a charity so close to your heart. Emma


On the time saved

Thank you for the invaluable info. Saved me hours of looking it all up (in response to HMRC advice received). Martin


On her first big success

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the team behind the scenes. It has been a rollercoaster from time to time but finally getting there.

I secured my first client this week!!! Linda


On starting out

“Thanks for this and WOW !!  Just had a very quick read through the Start pack and absolutely love it !!  Please tell Sarah & Rob that I am so made up I decided to purchase this and start my business with the support of great mentors!  Love IT :)” Carole Johnson

“I signed up for the 21day pan and have found it to be jammed with information. So much more than I would have done alone. It is a super guide to getting started especially if you are feeling a little hesitant. It covers everything you need to know. There is no pressure to get started but plenty of support by phone or email. Sarah & Sam are great!”. Mary


On her brand new website

Thank you for this. I have looked at my website and think it looks brilliant. Please thank the Web developer for me.

I look forward to the site being live and being able to share it with everyone. Annabel


On expanding her team already

I got that big contract!! So.. I have been thinking that I really need to start working with a VA, so I would like to book a meeting with you next week to discuss the hows/what’s/hows of ‘hiring’ a VA! Sarah

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