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Introducing the ALL NEW

VA SuperCoach Pilot Programme

A HUGE Saving of £1500

Your very own Virtual Assistant business, working the hours you choose flexibly from home - ALLOWING YOU TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY

I’m Sarah Rugg, VA SuperCoach, owner of My VA Business and MD of Vi-VA (my own virtual assistant business - 14 years and counting!)  

Most importantly I’m a Mum of two and this drives my passion for helping others find work that really works for them. After all, our kids may drive us mad at times, but we all know how quickly their childhood passes and that every moment is precious.  

So, if you want to find out how to make big changes to your work-life balance and live the life I know is possible, you’re in the right place. 

Here's whats new...

When I launched My VA Business, I wanted to offer great value packages that helped people achieve their dreams of running their own Virtual Assistant business. 

And I’ve done just that – our happy members have been successfully creating new ways of working for themselves and can’t believe they waited so long to get started as a VA.

 I’ve now created a brand new VA SuperCoach programme for those who want more emphasis on the coaching side, and particularly from someone who still works in the industry on a daily basis.  

Specifically, for those who can see the value in having my personal mobile, weekly group coaching, 1:1 sessions and the ability to pick the brains of a VA SuperCoach if things get tough. 

Think of me as a personal trainer for VAs – I’ll give you the same 1:1 attention and help you get results fast. 

Keep reading to find out more and to discover the exclusive double bonus (worth hundreds of pounds) that I’ll be offering to programme pioneers!  


We've helped so many VAs create flexible businesses

"All of the scary parts of setting up my own VA business have been taken care of; the legal templates, terms and conditions and guidance with regards to insurance policies have been so useful."

Rachael - VA

"Honestly the best money you will ever spend …this has changed my life. I’m now able to work from home on a much better salary than before and fit it around the children."

Annabel - VA

What does the programme include?

We’ve designed the programme to include all the elements that really make the difference if you need a little boost to get going (and keep reading for the amazing double bonus you can also secure if you act quickly!)  

So, the new 6 month VA SuperCoach programme includes:  

Weekly Zoom calls with a cohort of other business owner at the same stage as you - Share your wins, your questions and ask my advice on anything.  

Monthly 1:1 mentoring call with me - How I wish I’d had access to someone with my experience 14 years ago, I’d have saved a fortune.  

Access to my personal mobile so you can call me if something comes up - Say goodbye to sleepless nights with advice on hand when you need it. 

Access to a member only private Facebook group - There’s nothing better than having a group of like-minded people to bounce ideas off, swap tips and even share jobs. Never feel on your own again!  

Confidence Boosting Coaching - Access to a video series of confidence coaching from my very own business coaches – they come highly recommended!

All the support you need to set-up and run your own successful VA business - Broken down over 6 months as detailed below. 

Month 1: Foundation & Set Up

Daily guide to set up your business in less than a month Logo & branding designed with your input What's important to me? What I do well Values, Strengths and Beliefs + What I believe How I see the world Resources covering general issues of business set up and much more  

Month 2: Building Your Business

How to begin finding clients Guide to GDPR for Virtual Assistants Guide to MLR (Money Laundering Regulations) for Virtual Assistants Quick Start: Sarah's 7 step selling guide Understanding your Client Avatar - where to find them & what services you can offer Resources - What you need to know about finding clients  

Month 3: Marketing Your Business

Step by step guidance on finding clients and building your business 26 autoresponders to use within your chosen email marketing software Marketing activity action plan template - break down marketing into bitesize chunks How I do it all Performing at my best Resources - help to plan and create web content, organise email marketing and more  

Month 4: Confidence and Networking

Networking locally and online, building your online profile and making connections Keep up to date with your cashflow Client legal agreement - developed with our solicitor for your protection Bouncing back How to network effectively in your local area How to network virtually, get the best from your connections and grow your list Resources - Developing your 40-second pitch, getting content onto social media and much more  

Month 5: Getting Clients

Establishing your position as an expert in the industry Advanced marketing campaigns - for you to use within your business Sales funnel - how to generate sales and get clients through automated nurturing Gaining support Website - finalise and launch Advice from a Chartered Accountant - ensuring your financial processes are set up and ready for launch Resources - PR, advertising, marketing activity and making the most of sales/landing pages  

Month 6: Growing Your Business

Hints and tips on advertising and marketing going forward Processes defined - our guide to handling enquiries and answering FAQs from clients I know because I… What I have achieved Ongoing & consistent marketing How to manage overwhelm (continually develop your business through challenging times) Resources - handling enquiries, business blogging, how to write great proposals, how to convert on a sales call  

Wow! That’s a lot of support.

And the biggest plus is that I really do get it.

I’ve been in your shoes, lived the small business owner life for 14 years and I’m still working in a VA business every day so I know what the current issues are (do check this out if you’re looking elsewhere too – you’ll be amazed how many ‘experts’ don’t even have a VA business!)

Limited time remaining to take advantage of this amazing SuperCoach pilot programme discount of £1500


Let's talk numbers

Now you’ve read what’s included, you may be worrying it’s out of your price-range, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when I tell you the price for this pilot programme. And just remember that it is a pilot, so you will need to be willing to give feedback, as well as my usual requirement to be 100% serious and committed to making your business work.  

Access to this programme is by application only, so if you’re successful you really can be reassured that I don’t just work with anyone. I’d be doing you no favours if I took your money and knew you didn’t have the right profile to run a VA Business – I’m not interested in selling people false dreams, it’s against everything I stand for.  

So, it’s only applicants who show they’re made of the right stuff who are offered the chance to join the programme and usually, the full price is £3,495.  

But I’m so keen to get the right group for this launch that I’m offering you the chance to join at the lowest price we’ll ever offer – just £1,995 which is a huge saving of £1,500 and over 40% less. After the pilot the price will be £3495. 

Now there is a monthly ongoing fee of £19.95 so be aware of this but when you consider how much a website support alone can cost, I know you’ll appreciate the value as you’ll be getting:  

• Website Hosting and Website Backup • Monthly Business Growth Advice • Support from Peers and Experts in our Private Facebook Group • Our VA Team Support  

You wanted value and I think you’ll agree I’ve delivered!

Why set up a VA business? 

At My VA Business, I meet loads of mums (and a shout out to the dads, grandparents, carers and downsizers too!) like you who are keen to take control of their life and start working for themselves.

They all want the flexibility that a Virtual Assistant business can offer, and if anyone can vouch for this, it’s me!

I’ve been through all the phases – from sleepless nights with my two when they were babies (thank goodness I could take a morning off if I needed to!) through school plays and sports days to the strange world of teenagers I now find myself in. It’s great to be there when I need to police just how much make-up is acceptable or make sure they’re home when it’s dark!  

Why do you need support?

If I think back to when I was in your shoes, I remember feeling really excited at the idea of creating my own Virtual Assistant business and being desperate to get going but I wasn’t really sure how to go about setting up a VA business, how much things should cost and what the legal requirements were.  

I had the idea, I had the energy, but I didn’t have the knowledge and I was worried I’d make mistakes or waste money. 

Now 14 years later, I’m running a successful VA business and have a team working for me but I’ll be honest - I’ve made every mistake in the book along the way!  

I’ve now realised that getting the right help from someone who still works in the industry is what most new business owners struggle to find. 

Which is why I’m launching my new VA SuperCoach Pilot Programme to support anyone (with the right skillset and drive) who knows they have a great business inside them but just needs support along the way to make sure they shine. 

Now this is the pilot scheme so you’re going to be getting both a great deal and the opportunity to shape future programmes as your feedback is required as part of the offer. And please don’t hold back – we love to hear what you love and what we can tweak.  

I really see this programme as a partnership to success – that’s why it’s application only. It needs to work both ways so that together we can create your dream future! 

Your Success Guaranteed

I’m so confident in the design of my VA SuperCoach package that I’m even happy to offer you a money-back guarantee. 

Follow the programme and if you’re not sure it’s working, book a call with me to review it and see if we can get back on track and if you’re still not seeing the results you hoped, I will give you your money back.  

What if I’m still not sure I can do this? 

First, let me tell you that I completely get it - it’s not a simple decision to change your life and you’re probably wondering if you have what it takes financially, mentally or confidence-wise. 

And I’m a Mum myself so I understand the challenges - I may have got it together business-wise, but I still have my moments. Such as realising it’s cooking at school today and I’ve forgotten to buy the ingredients or finding the PE Kit is still in the washing machine 5 minutes before we leave! All of us are only human after all… 

But I really believe that with the right support, you’ll be amazed at just how much you can achieve. 

I’ve mentored many people with very different backgrounds over the last few years and helped them build successful Virtual Assistant businesses, despite challenges they have faced such as chronic back pain, low confidence, depression, being a single parent or facing such a long daily commute that they thought they’d never find the time to build the business.  

All of these people now work for themselves and I’d like to share some of the rave reviews I’ve received from those I’ve helped so far. 

These are their own words and their own stories – from people starting from where you are now and realising they can and have achieved everything they dreamed of at the beginning!  

So how do you get started?

 If you’re interested in being a part of my VA SuperCoach pilot programme, there are three easy steps: 

1. Apply by clicking here to book an interview call with me (Sarah) – you’ll be asked a few short questions as part of the process (and don’t forget, you need to have booked your call and purchased by 14th January 2019 to qualify for our fab double bonus worth hundreds of pounds!). If you want to email me instead, you can reach me at 

2. Have an informal chat with me to find out if working with me is right for you (and if it’s a good fit for me too). 

3. If it’s not the thing for you, I’ll wish you well for the future but if you’re successful and choose to go ahead, we’ll get the ball rolling and have you set up and ready to get started within 5 working days It really is as simple as 1,2,3!  

The closing date for my SuperCoach pilot programme is 31st January. Book your call with Sarah today


But remember, to be considered for a place on the pilot proramme and secure this massive discount, you must have had your call and purchased by midnight on 31st January.

So, the big question: Are you ready to join me and make your dreams happen? 

Remember, for this pilot launch, I’m only able to take on a maximum of 20 people so I can devote the time you need to support you and make things happen and you need to be:  

• Serious and committed to making your business a success • Willing to give feedback  

This special price of £1,995 is only available until 31st January (your call must be booked before then as we’ll need time to get the paperwork sorted before the deadline) and I’m sorry but when it’s gone, it’s gone.  

I’ll be sad if you miss it ☹ but I really can’t make any exceptions, it will go back up to the usual price once this date has passed.

(For those of you who’d like to spread the cost, we can offer a 6-month payment plan at £395 a month for)  

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make 2019 the year your VA business takes off – with my support, I know you’ll succeed! Imagine this time next year – will you still be in the same place, hesitating and dreaming of what-ifs? Or will you be joining me as someone who’s carved out their own destiny and is enjoying the rewards? I know you have it in you – join me for this special opportunity and let’s do it together.