Well let’s explore that quickly and see if it’s something you’d love to do.

Who would benefit from my VA SuperCoach Programme?

Well I’ll give you a couple of examples of the types of people I work with. But rest assured… VAs come from all walks of life with a diverse range of experience.

  • You could be a mum (or a dad!), wanting flexible home working and wanting to be in control of your working life.
  • Perhaps you’re an EA or PA looking choose the work that you do and not have a boss to answer to.
  • Maybe you’re currently on MAT leave, dreading that return to work, and looking for a fulfilling career that fits around your baby.
  • Perhaps you have a chronic back condition or another limitation making it tricky to have a conventional office job.

Whatever your situation, if we have a call I’ll help you to identify your transferable skills and tell you about which ones are in demand right now in the VA industry.

How does the VA SuperCoach Programme work?

This exciting VA SuperCoach pilot starts on 1st Feb and runs for 6 months.

Keep reading for the double bonus you can also secure if you act quickly!

So, my new 6-month VA SuperCoach programme includes:

  • Weekly zoom calls with other VA business owners at the same stage as you – share your wins, your questions and ask my advice on anything.
  • Monthly 1-1 mentoring call with me – how I wish I’d had access to someone with my experience 14 years ago, I’d have saved a fortune and countless hours of time 😊
  • Access to my personal mobile so you can contact me if you need to – say goodbye to sleepless nights, you’ll have advice on hand when you need it.
  • Access to a member-only private Facebook group – there’s nothing better than having a group of like-minded people to bounce ideas off, swap tips and even share client jobs. Never feel on your own again.
  • Confidence boost coaching – access to a video course designed by my very own business coaches who’ve helped me get to where I am today. I can highly recommend them!

And as if that wasn’t enough, we also include a monthly module every month for the whole 6 months – guiding you step-by-step through the process of setting up a Virtual Assistant business, from day one to launch day and beyond:

  • Month 1: Foundation & Set Up
  • Month 2: Build Your Business
  • Month 3: Marketing Your Business
  • Month 4: Confidence and Networking
  • Month 5: Getting Clients
  • Month 6: Growing Your Business

These modules are broken down in more detail here: https://myvabusiness.co.uk/supercoach-programme

And just remember that it is a pilot, so you will need to be willing to give feedback, as well as my usual requirement that you are 100% serious and committed to making your VA business work.

Why would you want me as your VA SuperCoach?

I’ve been in your shoes, ran a Virtual Assistant business for 14 years which I still run now successfully. So I know first-hand what the current issues are (do check this out if you’re looking elsewhere too – you’ll be amazed how many ‘experts’ don’t even run a VA business).

I get it. I know what support works. I deliver the support in group sessions and also on a 1:1 basis.

You’ll have my personal mobile number.

I take your success personally!

What’s the Investment?

It’s only applicants who show they’re made of the right stuff who are offered the chance to join the programme. The full price is normally £3,495 but I’m so keen to get the right group for this pilot who are willing to give feedback that I’m offering you the chance to join at the lowest price we’ll ever offer – just £1,995. This is a massive saving of £1,500 which is over 40% less than the usual price.

The only ongoing fee is £19.95 per month, great value because it includes:

  • Website Hosting, Backup & Emergency Support
  • Monthly Business Growth Advice
  • Support from Peers and Experts in our Private Facebook Group
  • Our VA Team Support

How do I apply to join this pilot programme?

I’ve made the application process for this pilot as simple as possible. Just click here: https://calendly.com/sarahrugg/30min to book a call in my online diary and answer a quick questionnaire.

And don’t worry… there’s absolutely no pressure to join me on this journey. The call is simply a chance to see if we’d like to work with each other.

What’s the deadline to join?

As long as you’ve had an interview, been accepted and made payment by 31st of January you will qualify. (Subject to availability as it’s strictly limited to 20 people to make sure everyone gets 1st class support).

Book your Application Call Here: https://calendly.com/sarahrugg/30min