The FastTrack Programme

Are you ready for a new chapter… starting your own VA business, working flexibly and doing work that you love?

I’m Sarah Rugg co-owner of My VA Business and if you successfully secure a place on the FastTrack programme, I’ll be there to offer support, from the skills and experience I’ve gained through running my own Virtual Assistant business since 2005.

Now, I’m as excited as you are to get you started on the programme and work with you to build a profitable, successful VA business of your own. But unlike most companies out there, I don’t want your money just yet. I don’t offer a ‘click to buy’ on my fully supported FastTrack package for good reason. Let me tell you why.

I want to get to know you first.

You see I think it’s important for us to build a relationship, even before you join the programme.

I want to make sure that you are right for this opportunity – and we are right for you.

The reason for this is I offer a Money Back Guarantee if you’re not successful. So I want to be confident that you’ll be a success before we accept you onto my programme. And if you follow my programme step-by-step and act on my advice and you don’t make a success of it, I will give you a full refund.

So that’s why it’s so important that we speak first. I need to understand your skills, your experience and your aspirations. And you need to be comfortable working with us. It’s a two-way discovery call. 

And don’t worry, there’s absolutely no hard sell. The Discovery Call is just a chance for us to chat through your options and for us both to make the decision… Are we right for each other?


Sorry - We're Not Enrolling onto the FastTrack Programme - Why not check out our latest FAB-VA programme instead

What’s included in the FastTrack Programme?

Business Set-Up

Unlimited 1:1 Support

VA Confidence Course

Sarah's Toolkit

Getting Clients

Logo & Branding

Complete Website

Define your services

Video Support

Social Media


Client Agreement

Success Guarantee

And that’s just a taster of what’s included. Our complete FastTrack package contains much, much more!
What starting a VA business can do for you…

❤️ More quality time with your family

✅ Nobody asking you to choose work over family ever again


❤️ No wasted time commuting

✅ Just pop to your spare room or the kitchen table and you’re good to go


❤️ Complete freedom over your working hours

✅ Mornings, evenings, afternoons or weekends, make it fit around you


❤️ Full control over the work you choose to do

✅ If you don’t want to do it… don’t. It’s liberating, trust me


❤️ Greater self worth, putting your skills to good use

✅ Choosing the services you offer. Do the work you love


❤️ No more ‘Mum Guilt’

✅ Need to take the day off when your child’s ill? No problem


❤️ Financial freedom – you’re building this for you

✅ On average VAs in the UK charge £25/hour


❤️ Unlimited potential to grow the business to the size you want

✅ Whether it’s a one (WO)man band or scaled up VA company, the sky’s the limit

What’s Included in the FastTrack Programme?
The FastTrack Programme contains the same great stages of our FAB-VA package below PLUS some key additions…  




1: How to Choose the Right Business Name 

2: Sole Trader vs Limited Company 

3: Create Your Professional Logo and Branding 

4: The Face of Your Brand


5: Your Client Avatar

6: What Services Should You Offer

7: Defining Your USPs

8: Pricing Your Services

9: Working Out How Much You Need To Earn


10: Getting to Grips with Your Marketing

11: Social Media Set Up

12: Your Email Marketing System 

13: Setting up Your Business Email

14: Creating Your Website 

15: Ordering Your Business Cards


16: Banking for Your VA Business

17: Complying with GDPR as a VA

18: Anti Money Laundering Regulations for VAs

19: What Insurance Will You Need? 

20: Do You Need an Accountant or Solicitor?




21: What’s Important To Me (Day 1 & Day 2)

22: What I Do Well (Day 1 & Day 2)

23: What I Believe (Day 1 & Day 2)


24: How I See The World (Day 1 & Day 2)

25: How I Do It All Together (Day 1 & Day 2)

26: Performing At My Best (Day 1 & Day 2)


27: Bouncing Back (Day 1 & Day 2)

28: Gaining Support (Day 1 & Day 2)

29: I know Because I Did (Day 1 & Day 2)

30: What I Have Achieved (Day 1 & Day 2)




31: 17 Tried and Tested Ways To Find The Right Clients

32: How to Convert Prospects to Clients

33: How to Write Great Client Proposals

34: Onboarding New Clients


35: Logging Client Hours and Invoicing

36: The Secret to Consistently Great Cashflow

37: The Power of Processes

38: Your Guide to Everyday VA Tasks


39: How to Make Yourself Indispensable

40: How to Stay on Top of Your Finances

41: Creating Other Sources of Income


42: Sarah’s Essential VA Toolkit

43: Your Complaints Policy

44: Client Legal Agreement [Worth £89. With Bonus offer only]


42: Sarah’s Essential VA Toolkit

43: Your Complaints Policy

44: Client Legal Agreement [Worth £89. With Bonus offer only]

FastTrack Programme

With the FastTrack Programme... In addition to the elements listed above you'll also get:

Complete Business Website

Business Logo & Branding Package 

6 Months Unlimited 1:1 Support with Sarah & Noel

Success Guarantee or Your Money Back

N.B. - The FastTrack Programme is only available to those who are successful in their application and subject to availability.

A £30 monthly membership fee is applicable to the FastTrack package. This fee includes, website hosting, website backup, access to member community, territory and monthly nuggets.

Sarah Rugg

My FAB-VA Programme is an easy to follow step by step guide through the whole process. Every stage gives detailed advice and guidance through written modules with video support. I’ve set it out in chronological order so that as long as you follow it and don’t skip ahead you can be sure you won’t be missing vital steps on your road to VA success.

We are proud to be

Society of Virtual Assistants

Approved Training Providers


Here’s what some of our members had to say…

On the FAB-VA programme overall...

I've thoroughly enjoyed the FAB-VA course. I didn't know where to begin with starting to work for myself but this comprehensive course went through all the necessary steps, to ensure everything was covered. I felt like I could work at my own pace and have support from Sarah and the Facebook group at each stage. The course is great value for money in my opinion. It gave me the confidence to put myself out there and start earning money from paying clients, so it really paid for itself. I'd definitely recommend this course to anyone thinking of going it alone as a VA.



On the flexibility of training while still working...

I didn’t have the confidence to just jump away from my job and into something that was completely unknown, so I wanted to do something that was going to give me flexibility and let me do it alongside my current job until I saw that it was something that was going to work for me and that I could make happen and that I could then jump and make the transition when I was ready. You can do it in your own time, it gives you the flexibility, but it teaches you everything that you need to know as well.



On the videos...

The videos are incredibly helpful as they are essential to me too for keeping on track with the programme. It’s unbelievably helpful to have context along with the information on The Hub, to have points elaborated on.

Hazel B


On the layout and clarity of the FAB-VA programme...

I was highly impressed with the layout and clarity of the course, and Sarah's huge fountain of knowledge.



On covering everything needed...

"I signed up for the 21day pan and have found it to be jammed with information. So much more than I would have done alone. It is a super guide to getting started especially if you are feeling a little hesitant. It covers everything you need to know. There is no pressure to get started but plenty of support by phone or email. Sarah & Sam are great!".



On signing up...

Thank you; This has confirmed to me that this is a positive move towards a change to my working life; the process so far has been really smooth, and has given me the confidence to 'get on with it'.

Emma Baker


On starting out...

“Thanks for this and WOW !!  Just had a very quick read through the Start pack and absolutely love it !!  Please tell Sarah & Rob that I am so made up I decided to purchase this and start my business with the support of great mentors!  Love IT 🙂

Carole J


On the value of FAB-VA... 

Simply put - signing up to the FAB programme with My VA Business was worth every penny! 

I knew I wanted to set up a VA business and in no time at all I had a company set up and ready to go, not without hard work on my part of course but I followed each step and took on board all the advice Sarah provided. I feel safe in the knowledge that I have everything covered and together with all the templates that came as part of the programme meant that there was no stress putting everything in place. 

If I can do it, you can too!



Now established...

Honestly the best money you will ever spend… this has changed my life. I’m now able to work from home on a much better salary than before and fit it around the children – Sarah Rugg, is one of life’s inspirational people!



On getting client number one...

I've been following your FAB VA training course. I'm in the early stages of setting up as a VA. It’s been challenging but just secured my first client. Thank you very much for such a detailed and informative training package. Absolutely recommended!



On the legal aspects of starting a business...

What you are offering gives a background to how complex it is to start your own business, it has been an eye opener. Having you as a back-up has really helped with those guidelines.



On starting a VA events management business...

I am really, really enjoying the program, it is absolutely invaluable, and is guiding me through my learning of starting my VA events management business up. I don't know what I would have done without it to be honest.



On the supportive team at My VA Business...

You’ve been with me right from the beginning, I owe you and the team all my gratitude…you’ve been there with every step and you are all brilliant!

To a new member in our private Facebook group:

You've made an excellent choice. Viva doesn't just sell you the best package to base your business on, they look after you too. A really lovely bunch of people. You'll not regret your decision!



On the videos...

They are extremely informative and break the course down into bite size manageable chunks.

Ali F


On the resources...

All of the scary parts of setting up my own VA business have been taken care of; the legal templates, terms and conditions and guidance with regards to insurance policies have been so useful.



On changing Lives...

I just wanted to say a massive Thank You for all that you have done for me with My VA business. You won’t know this, but this business has literally changed mine and my family’s life. My business is steadily growing thanks to all the help and support that you guys have given to me.



On the FAB-VA programme...

The FAB-VA programme is a brilliant resource for anyone considering becoming a VA. The programme is well structured and will give you all the guidance and tools required to become a successful VA. The team that Sarah has put together are extremely helpful if you encounter any problems and there is a great Facebook group should you have any questions.



On the help I received...

Whenever I have contacted the ‘My VA Business’ Team, they have been nothing but responsive and extremely helpful - it has never felt like a problem to ask for their help. 

I am really pleased to have chosen ‘My VA Business’ to learn how to get started as a VA, it has been a great start to the year and I look forward to continue putting things I have learned into practice.



On the video guided support...

Love the videos. Really engaging & help keep me on track. Also find them really useful to get a quick overview which makes each section feel more manageable.



On the course materials...

The FAB VA course materials are comprehensive and clear.  They provide an insight into VA know how, professional requirements and best practice, for success.  Sarah really understands the industry. The FAB VA course empowers students to both launch and establish their own VA business, with professional confidence, skill and awareness..



On finding flexible work...

I am a mum of two, I work in a school and I found that the job had become more and more….I decided I needed to find a more flexible job, you popped up on my news-feed on Facebook and I thought this is something I can do.

On finding the answers you need...

My VA Hub literally answers everything, all of the answers are in there….the ‘Boost’ videos are really helpful as well



On the tools and the confidence to do it...

I did this course earlier this year when I first started up as a Virtual Assistant. It was invaluable. I learnt so many things that are helping. I’ve still got a few modules left to take, and I will, but I’m pretty busy juggling clients already and Jax Virtual Services is only 4 months old.

Thank you Sarah Rugg and team, you gave me the tools and the confidence to be able to say “I can do this”.



On our confidence boost programme...

The ‘Boost Programme’ gave me a completely new sense of self-esteem and confidence in my ability to do this.

On the time saved...

Thank you for the invaluable info. Saved me hours of looking it all up (in response to HMRC advice received).

On looking forward to a great future...

It has been a wonderful thing for me to find something that I can actually do and something I can see has a future for me, potentially one that will go well past retirement age for me. 



On getting help when you need it...

Totally supported the whole way along.  Just literally following the program has been great.  Everybody has been so supportive, no question is too small or too big, there is always a very timely answer and if they don’t necessarily know the answer straight away they will go away and come back to me, so it has been really great…. I can’t fault anybody, everybody has been really supportive.



On the members Facebook community...

There is a community there, we all help each other out, as that community is growing it is great because there are people posting questions that either I have thought of or maybe thought I can’t ask that question and then someone else asks it.  You don’t feel alone you feel supported and we are all in the same boat, I think that is the great thing….. it is the personal support that I have really enjoyed and not feeling alone in it.



On 'The Hub' (the resource platform)...

I have found it to be jammed with information. So much more than I would have done alone. It is a super guide to getting started especially if you are feeling a little hesitant. It covers everything you need to know.



On the cause closest to our heart...

Working with My VA Business really is a no brainer – great support to get started and I love that you’re supporting a charity so close to your heart.



Meet Eddie, my Dad.
He was a real character and my inspiration. 4 months after his brain tumour diagnosis he lost the fight.
We donate a percentage of our profits to The Brain Tumour Charity, a cause close to my heart. You get to be your own boss, I get to help you, and together we support a great charity – it’s a No Brainer!