Congratulations on a great choice – the Accelerate package is really packed full of value and offer the best
start to setting up your VA Business!


We’re passionate about them and want to make sure that everyone who buys one is going to be as
successful as possible. In our experience, it’s really important to get this part right and so we’d love
to have a quick chat with you first just to see that it’s a great fit for you and for us.

Accelerate package features:

  • Business Start-up Programme
  • Business Accounting Tools
  • Chartered Accountant Advice & Guidance Call
  • Sarah’s Timesaver Toolkit
  • Client Legal Agreement for Your Protection (Usual Price £250)
  • Unlimited Mentor Sessions with Sarah or Noel (for 3 months)
  • Build Your VA Business Marketing Programme (Usual Price £750)
  • Confidence Boost Programme (Usual Price £450)
  • 26 Auto-Responders
  • One to One Welcome Call
  • Client Profiling
We want to be 100% sure we can help you and that you’re going to get the most from this. There’s no pressure, no interview – in fact we’re honest enough to say if we don’t think it’s for you! After all it’s your hard earned money and we’re doing nobody any favours if we just do a quick sell.

Now the good news is almost everyone who reaches this page has gone on to build a flexible,
fulfilling VA business and is enjoying the freedom and success of working for themselves. Just a few have realised they haven’t really thought it through and it might not be the opportunity for them – we’re starting as we mean to go on and being honest about this as we pride ourselves on our integrity.

So let’s arrange a quick call just to get to know each other and check it’s going to be as brilliant as we know it can be and then you’re good to get started! Look forward to speaking with you soon.

Sarah Rugg