Fitness tricks to help you stay healthy while you work!

I totally get it. You’re already crazy busy running a house and managing the hectic social life of the kids, all at the same time as setting up your own business. Fitness is probably the last thing on your mind, and I imagine it’s the first thing to be neglected when time is precious.

Believe it or not, there are a few simple tricks you can include in your daily routine to keep those levels of fitness up – even if you’re working at home.

For a start, ensure your workspace is working for you. Make sure you have a really good chair that is both comfortable and supportive. Think about your position when you sit at your desk too – can you put your feet flat on the ground? Can you reach your laptop or keyboard comfortably? A supportive chair will help avoid any issues with back pain or stiffness, meaning you can concentrate on work.

If you’re able to, consider standing for part of your working day. By standing up rather than sitting you are naturally stretching your body and you’re more likely to burn calories. If standing isn’t possible, why not make use of that old Birthing Ball that you have floating around, by using the ball as a chair. It may take a little getting used to but it’s great for strengthening your core muscles.

Try to move about as much as possible – ensuring that every time you take a break, however short, you get up and walk around. Spend 60 seconds doing some jumping jacks or borrow the kids skipping rope and get your heart rate up. If you’re work colleagues are energetic toddlers join them in a 10-minute disco, putting on your favourite songs and dancing away (just be wary of judgmental teenagers with access to iPhones).

Make use of phone calls too by walking around your office space during the call, perhaps throw in the odd lunge or yoga pose. Take advantage of the stairs as much as you can. For example, if you’re popping to make a coffee or nipping to the loo, take stairs two at time or at least at a bit of pace.

If you’re a dog owner, or have the joy of the school run, make the most of the time away from your desk. Put on your trainers and walk at a good speed for as long as you’re able to. I find the school run is the perfect time to not only stretch my legs, but to clear my mind and have new ideas – making me even more productive when I get back to the computer.

If all else fails and you are resigned to working at your desk, remember to keep stretching at regular times throughout the day. Include neck, arm and chest stretches, and if you have time get up and stretch your legs and ankles out too.

And don’t forget the ultimate desk fitness buddy – a glass of water! Not only does drinking water help flush all those toxins from your body, it rejuvenates your brain and helps to stop you reaching for the snacks.


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